PRELUDE:  Entrust Your Days and Burdens by John Eggert



HYMN:  O Lord, You Are My God and King (Psalm 145) [Jerusalem]


INTROIT:  Hear My Prayer by Gabriel Fauré/arr. by H. Samuels

Hear my prayer, O Lord my God; have mercy, Lord, do not hide Thy face from me, O Lord my God. Pardon mine iniquities, O Lord my God, hear Thou my humble prayer, O Lord my God.


SCRIPTURE LESSON:  Psalm 27:4, 7-9

HYMN:  O God, You Are My God Alone (Psalm 63) [Gratus]

SERMON: “Seeking Whom We’ve Found”

ANTHEM:  One Thing by Craig Courtney

One thing alone, one thing I ask from the Lord:  That I may gaze upon the beauty of the Lord.  The Lord is my salvation; He will keep me safe.  In the day of trouble, I will seek His face.  In the shelter of His dwelling, I will hide.  One thing alone.  One thing I seek of the Lord:  That I may dwell within His house evermore.  One thing I ask. [Susan Bentall Boersma, based on Psalm 27]


HYMN:  Seek Ye First [Lafferty]


BENEDICTION RESPONSE:  The Lord Be with You by Charles Yannerella

The Lord be with you to protect you.  His grace be with you all your days.  His peace and his love enfold you, Amen.  Amen.

POSTLUDE:  Fanfare by Jacques Lemmens

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