People meet for mutual support and fun, in a variety of ways, at a variety of intervals.  We look forward in upcoming “years” (coming out of the pandemic) to once again having church-wide gatherings from time to time. 

Our Social Group Opportunities

Fellowship After Worship on Sundays

You are invited to stay after Covenant’s worship service for good conversation, a beverage and a light snack.  If you would like to host a coffee hour by donating cookies or light snacks or money to use towards treat expenses, or to volunteer to serve them at the coffee hour, please contact the church office. Hosting a coffee hour is a great way to celebrate a birthday or a special occasion.  If you would like to be a host or hostess during coffee hour, please contact the church office.




A group of single and married people look forward to sharing a meal and convivial conversation once again in 2022. 




A group for married couples look forward to meeting for a potluck, mutually supportive fellowship and learning about growing in Christian love for one’s spouse in 2022.




Prepandemic, young adults met for a light brunch, fun and discussion about what it meant to live authentically for Christ. They look forward to resuming sometime in 2022.


Movie Goers

Movie Goers is a group of adults of any age, who enjoy movies, good conversation, and a relaxing afternoon together, typically on the 2nd Sunday of the month.  Be sure to check in with Pastor Adele, Pastor Rob, or Karen Kennedy for specifics.

Men’s Small Group

This is a band of brothers who meet online the first and third Saturday of each month (from 2:30 to 3:45) to help each other discover and experience what it means to be a man who follows Jesus. There is always a particular provocative question to which each man may, or may not, respond. Each is free to speak of whatever they want, but all are committed to seek to encourage and build each other up.

WEEKLY UPDATES: The band of brothers, open to all, meets at present the first and third Saturday of the month. Its next meeting will take place on June 15.

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Presbyterian Women

Presbyterian Women is an independent organization within the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and comprises more than 300,000 women.  All women in the church are invited to participate in PW activities at any level.  We welcome you!  Consider this your personal invitation!

Family Ties

Family Ties is a group of parents who enjoy each other’s company over a meal and a study time that offers pearls of wisdom and moments for support of one another and reflection while their children play together in the Cuddle Cafe with supervision.