Covenant’s Online Church Services

Below you can find all the past videos for our online church services, typically posted every Sunday – enjoy 🙂

Words from the Pastors

Here are some little snippets of words from the Pastors. These videos are posted on social medias every other day.

“Invite God Into Your Vote”
“Producing Fruit”
“Prayer & Action”
“Stop & Go”
“Rejoice & Hope”
“Be Holy, As God is Holy”
“Expand Your Circle of Conversation”
“Spread the Sweet Fragrance”
“Comfort Others”
“Broaden Your Scope of Love”
“Living God’s Love”
“Loving Through the Anger”
“Show your faith through love”
“Blessedness from God”

Music Meditation

Please enjoy this music meditation piece put together by our Minister of Music, Peter Bates, to nourish your soul.