PRELUDE:  A Doxology Contemplation Old Hundredth/arr. by Lynette Maynard




HYMN:  All People that on Earth Do Dwell [Old Hundreth]



HYMN:  His Eye Is on the Sparrow [Sparrow]

REFLECTION:  “Joyful & Thankful”

SOLO:  With Thanksgiving by Pepper Choplin; Marcus Carline, bass

The morning sun, the moonlit night, the distant stars and the planets shining bright, I think of You, who said, “Let there be light” and I lift my eyes to You with thanksgiving.  A sparrow’s song, a poet’s rhyme, the stirring music as the melody will climb, a distant bell slowly pealing out of time.  I will listen to the beauty of the world with thanksgiving.  For each precious breath You give to me as I breathe in the morning when I rise, for You supply the very gift of life and I thank you, I thank you Lord.  I thank you, O Lord.  I lift my thanks to You.  The whispered words of love I hear, the outstretched arms that open when I appear, for all my friends and family I hold dear, I will lift my heart to You.  I will lift my heart to thank You, Lord, for blessings now and blessings past, for cherished moments that are rushing by too fast.  To You, my God, whose love forever lasts, I will lift my eyes to You, I will lift my heart to You, with thanksgiving, with thanksgiving to You.


HYMN:  Give Thanks [Give Thanks]


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