PRELUDE:  Improvisation on “Veni Creator Spiritus” by Alfred Fedak




HYMN:  Come, O Spirit, Dwell Among Us [Ebenezer]


INTROIT:  Tongues of Fire and Hearts of Love by Stephan Casurella

O Spirit of the living God, in all the fullness of your grace, where-ever human feet have trod, descend upon our fallen race.  Give tongues of fire and hearts of love to preach the reconciling word; anoint with power from heaven above when-ever the joyful sound is heard.  Let darkness turn to radiant light; confusion vanish in your path; souls without strength inspire with might; bid mercy triumph over wrath.  O Spirit of the Lord, prepare the whole round earth its God to meet; and breathe abroad like morning air, till hearts of stone begin to beat.  Baptize the nations; far and wide the triumphs of the cross record; the name of Jesus glorify, till every people call him Lord. [James Montgomery]



ANTHEM:  Peter Gonna Preach by Larry Schackley; Mark Waters, tenor solo

Peter gonna preach.  When the fire came down.  Whoa, Peter gonna preach.  The Spirit moved around.  Whoa, Peter gonna preach ‘bout the glory of the Son of God, Peter gonna preach it now.  On the day of Pentecost, gathered in one place, a sound came like a rushing wind: the Spirit of the God of grace.  Peter stood and raised his voice, “Listen to my words.”  God has poured His Spirit out, let His truth be heard!  And we sing: Mighty wonders and miracles Jesus did perform. Healing by the power of God, raised the dead and calmed the storm.   Though He died on Calvary, and drank the bitter cup, by His awesome mighty hand God has raised Him up!  Oh, preach it, Peter!  Let the fire come down. Peter, won’t you preach it now?  Let the fire come down.  Peter gonna preach it, now.  Let the fire come down. [John Parker]

SERMON:  “Empowered to Tell the Best Story Ever”

HYMN:  Go in Grace and Make Disciples [Wondrous Light]


HYMN:  O Day of Joy and Wonder! [Jonathan’s Tune]


BENEDICTION RESPONSE:  Scatter Us, Lord Tune: St. Catherine

Scatter us, Lord, to serve you well.  May we be bold to go, to tell.  Outside these walls the people wait: some without hope, and some without faith.  Fill us with patience, love and grace.  Scatter us, Lord, beyond this place. [R. G. Huff]

POSTLUDE:  Tu es Petra et portae inferi non praevalebunt adversus te by Henri Mulet

(Translation: You are Peter [and upon this Rock I will build my church] and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it. Matthew 16:18)

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