PRELUDE:  Morning Has Broken by Don Michael Dicie; Will Vargas, flute



INTROIT:  Song of the Mustard Seed by Hal H. Hopson

The kingdom of God is like a mustard seed; for when it is sown in the earth in the spring, it is least of all seeds in the earth.  But when it is watered it grows and is greatest of all herbs.  The kingdom of God is like a seed; a little seed, a little mustard seed.  Where ever you go sow a seed along the way.  A seed of joy however small it be may one day grow into a tree.  A seed of faith however small it be may one day grow into a tree. [Based on Mark 4:30-32]


HYMN:  For the Fruit of All Creation [Ar Hyd Y Nos]



HYMN:  If You Only Had Faith [Si Tuvieras Fe]

 SERMON:  “Big Bang from but a Bit of Believing”

ANTHEM:  God, Stir the Soil by Roland E. Martin; Will Vargas, oboe

God stir the soil, run the ploughshare deep, overturn the hard, dry ground, spare no strength nor toil, even though I weep.  In the loose, fresh-mangled earth sow new seed.  Free of withered vine and weed bring fair flowers to birth. God, stir the soil, bring fair flowers to birth. [Prayer from Singapore, anon.]


HYMN:  God of the Fertile Fields [Italian Hymn]


RESPONSE:  The Lord’s Shade by Jim Stanley; Will Vargas, flute

Shade, oh shade, my weary soul, sheltered from the heat and storms by thy bright renewing glory, be thou present in me.  Lead me by thy guiding light, let me sense thy presence near, wash away my sin and sadness, be thou present in me.  Grant me refuge in thy Son, given to be reconciled in His glorious resurrection, be thou present in me.  Risen from the three days’ death, true branch; risen and mighty like the might of cloud in fiery pillar; be thou present in me.

We thank Shelley Hellen for the flowers she has given today in celebration of her husband, Hubert Lloyd’s birthday.

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