PRELUDE:  Sinfonia “God’s Time is Best” (Cantata 106) by J.S. Bach/arr. by Carsten Klump; Scott Reese, flute



HYMN:  From All That Dwell Below the Skies (Psalm 117) [Lasst Uns Erfreuem]


INTROIT:  All Who Hunger, Gather Gladly by Daniel M. Cherwien; Scott Reese, flute

All who hunger gather gladly; holy manna is our bread.  Come from wilderness and wandering.  Here, in truth, we will be fed.  You that yearn for days of fullness, all around us is our food.  Taste and see the grace eternal.  Taste and see that God is good.  All who hunger, never strangers, seeker, be a welcome guest.  Come from restlessness and roaming.  Here, in joy, we keep the feast.  We that once were lost and scattered in communion’s love have stood.  Taste and see the grace eternal.  Taste and see that God is good.  All who hunger sing together; Jesus Christ is living bread.  Come from loneliness and longing.  Here, in peace, we have been led.  Blest are those who from this table live their days in gratitude. Taste and see the grace eternal. Taste and see that God is good. [Sylvia G. Dunstan]  


SCRIPTURE LESSON:  Revelation 7:9-12

HYMN:  All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name [Coronation]

SERMON:  “Perfection by Inclusion”

ANTHEM:  Blessing and Honor and Glory and Power (“O Quanta Qualia”) arr. by Francis Buebendorf

Blessing and honor and glory and power, wisdom and riches and strength evermore. Give ye to Him who our battle hath won, whose are the Kingdom, the crown, and the throne.  Soundeth the heaven of the heavens with His name; ringeth the earth with his glory and fame; ocean and mountain, stream, forest, and flower echo His praises and tell of His power.  Ever ascendeth the song and the joy; ever descendeth the love from on high; blessing and honor and glory and praise this is the theme of the hymns that we raise.  Give we the glory and praise to our God; take we the robe and the harp and the palm; sing we His praise, for His enemy slain, glory and honor, for always He’ll reign. Amen. [Horatius Bonar]




INVITATIONAL HYMN:  Look Who Gathers at Christ’s Table! [Copeland]




BENEDICTION RESPONSE:  A Grateful Heart by Katherine Danforth Fisher

Holy Spirit, fall on me, Guardian, Guide and comfort be; let your love pour over me, O Holy Spirit, fall, fall on me. 

POSTLUDE:  Aria by César Franck/arr. by Charles Callahan; Scott Reese, Oboe

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