PRELUDE:  It Is Well with My Soul (Ville du Havre) by Philip Bliss/arr. by Edwin T. Childs



HYMN:  Great Is Thy Faithfulness [Faithfulness]


INTROIT:  God’s Peace “Beach Spring” attr. B.F. White/arr. by C. J. Adams

  • Come away from rush and hurry to the stillness of God’s peace; from our vain ambition’s worry, come to Christ and find release.  Come away from noise and clamor, life’s demands and frenzied pace; come to join the people gathered here to seek and find God’s grace.  In the pastures of God’s goodness, we lie down to rest our soul.  From the waters of God’s mercy, we drink deeply and are made whole.  At the table of God’s presence, all the saints are richly fed.  With the oil of God’s anointing, into service we are led.  Come, then, children, with your burdens, life’s confusions, fears and pain.  Leave them at the cross of Jesus; take instead his kingdom’s reign.  Bring your thirsts, for he will quench them; he alone will satisfy.  All our longings find attainment when to self we gladly die.  Come away from rush and hurry to the stillness of God’s peace. [Marva Dawn]


SCRIPTURE LESSON:  Psalm 18:1-6 & 2 Corinthians 4:8-9

ANTHEM:  Speak, Lord by Tom Trenney; Myles Mineer, bass solo

  • You are the way, the truth, and the life.  You are our hope, our victory over strife.  You are our peace, our calm upon the sea.  Bringing good news to the oppressed, you call us to set the captives free! Speak, Lord, for your servants are listening.  Speak, Lord, how we need to hear from you.  Give us courage to speak, Lord, till injustice is silent.  Speak your words of love in all we say and do. You come to preach the Gospel, dream the dream, till justice rolls down like water, righteousness like a mighty stream.   Give us sight to see the world through the eyes of a stranger.  Help us hear the beauty of a language not our own.  Set our hearts to beat with compassion for our neighbor.  When we love each other, you are seen and known.  Be our strength in love in all we say and do.  Speak, O Lord, teach us to live and love like you.

SERMON:  “The Vulnerable Invincible”

HYMN:  We Shall Overcome [We Shall Overcome]



HYMN:  When Peace Like a River [Ville Du Havre]


RESPONSE:  A Blessing of Joy by Mark Patterson

  • We wish you joy for the morning, peace as you face the day.  God’s every blessing be yours as you live a life of hope and faith, and may God’s light shine over you as the evening settles in.  May a song of love surround you until we meet again.

POSTLUDE:  Improvisation on “We Shall Overcome” by Carl Haywood

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