PRELUDE:  His Eye is on the Sparrow arr. by Peter P. Stack



HYMN:  Crown Him with Many Crowns [Diademata]


INTROIT:  A Woman and a Coin (Kara’s Song) by Paul D. Weber

A woman and a coin: the coin is lost!  How much it means to her, what time and toil, what part it was to play in her bright dreams!  Am I that treasured coin worth searching for?  I’m found, and you rejoice!  What love!  A shepherd and a sheep: the sheep is lost!  Far from the flock, the one in hundred cries, then, risking life, the shepherd’s voice and staff!  Am I that treasured sheep worth dying for?  I live, and you rejoice!  What love!  A parent and a child: the child is lost!  The parent feeds on memories and hope, the prodigal on husks and one last chance.  Am I that treasured child worth waiting for?  I’m home, and you rejoice!  What love!  Dear God, you sought us when the world was lost; you gave your only Son at what a cost; your Spirit welcomes home the tempest-tossed: now we can be all you were dreaming of, we’re safe, and you rejoice!  What love! [Jaroslav J. Vajda]



HYMN:  God’s Great Love Is So Amazing [What a Friend We Have in Jesus]

SERMON:  “God’s Passionate Desire for Us”

ANTHEM:  Where is My Lamb? by Charles McCartha; Mark Waters, tenor solo

Where is my lamb, little one lost?  Where are you hiding?  Where have you gone?  O precious lamb of mine, once with the ninety-nine, now you have wandered away from the fold, out in the cold. Where is my lamb, little one lost?  Where are you hiding?  Where have you gone?  I’ll leave the flock behind.  Wait here, my ninety-nine.  Storm clouds are rising and night is at hand; I must find my lamb.  I’m the Good Shepherd, who cares for the sheep.  Never forsaking you, I will not sleep.  I will search everywhere, chase the wolf, fight the bear.  Through thorns and danger, I’ll lay down my life!  Answer my cry!  There is my lamb, little one found, caught in the brambles, helplessly bound, hungry and quivering, in the cold shivering.  Don’t cry, my little one, the wolf ran away; now you are safe.  Come, precious lamb of mine, let’s join the ninety-nine.  See, I have washed you much whiter than fresh fallen snow.  Here in your Shepherd’s arms, you are home.  Now you are home. [Julie I. Myers, based on Matthew 18:12-14; John 10; Psalm 51:7, Isaiah 40:11; and Ezekiel 34:11-12]


HYMN:  Today We All Are Called to Be Disciples [Kingsfold]


RESPONSE:  Go in Peace by Austin C. Lovelace

Go in peace.  Live as free people.  Serve the Lord; rejoicing in the power of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

POSTLUDE:  Carillon (from “24 Piece in Free Style”) by Louis Vierne

Presbyterian Disaster Relief (PDR):  God’s people are called on to stand in the “GAP” — Give. Act. Pray.  The PDR’s response to the situation in Ukraine will include both financial and technical assistance as the network of faith communities providing humanitarian assistance grows in the months ahead.  Gifts can be made online, by calling (800) 872-3283, by texting PDAUKR to 41444, or by check made payable to Presbyterian Church U.S.A. with “DR000156-Ukraine” on the memo line & mailed to Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), P.O. Box 643700, Pittsburgh, PA, 15264-3700.

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