PRELUDE:  “Out of the Depths I Cry to You, O Lord” (Psalm 130:1-2) by Charles Callahan; George Bullock, cello



HYMN:  My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less [Solid Rock]


INTROIT:  When Foundations Sure Are Shaken (Certain Promise) by Randall Sensmeier

When foundations sure are shaken, when the flames of hate consume, when the threat of sudden terror shadows life with fear and doom, help us hear your certain promise: “I am with you, do not fear!”  When the bonds of love lie broken, when death’s grip around us winds, when our grief and tears seem endless, when the heart no comfort finds, help us hear your certain promise: “I will wipe your tears away!”  When the future’s path lies hidden, filled with danger, void of hope, when our way is dark, uncertain, when for light we vainly grope, help us hear your certain promise:  “I will turn your night to day!”  God, when evil seems triumphant, all your purposes defied, when the powers of chaos threaten and our trust in you is tried, help us hear your certain promise:  “I will not forsake my own!” [Herman Stuempfle]



HYMN:  Give to the Winds Thy Fears [Festal Song]

SERMON:  “Unafraid When Our Nerves are Frayed”

ANTHEM:  Give to the Wind Your Fears by Joseph M. Martin; George Bullock, cello

Give to the winds your fears.  In hope, be undismayed.  God hears your sighs, and counts your tears.  God shall lift up your head.  To Him, commit your griefs.  Your ways put in His hands; to His sure truth and tender care, who earth and heaven commands.  O put your trust in God.  In duty’s path, go on.  Walk in His strength with faith and hope; so shall your work be done.  Leave to His sovereign sway to choose and to command; so you shall, faithful, seek His way.  How wise and strong His hand!  Give to the winds your fears.  Let not your heart be troubled.  [Paul Gerhardt, trans. John Wesley]


HYMN:  Standing on the Promises [Promises] 838]


BENEDICTION RESPONSE:  May the Peace of the Lord Go with You by Charles Yannerella

May the peace of the Lord go with you.  May you walk in His truth and light.  May the love of the Lord sustain you in the sunshine and through the night.  Amen.  [Mary Kay Beall]

POSTLUDE:  “Come Follow Me” Said Christ, the Lord by Sigfrid Karg-Elert/Trans. By Charles Callahan; George Bullock, cello


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