PRELUDE:  If You Will Only Let God Guide You by Craig Phillips



HYMN:  O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing [Azmon]


INTROIT:  If You Trust in God by Tom Fettke

If you trust in God to guide you and hope in every way then his strength will rise inside you to conquer evil days.  Just trust in God’s unchanging love, build on the Rock that stands above.  When you calm your heart to listen and wait in confidence, he’ll reveal his will from heaven, his love and holiness.  He knows our many needs, and cares before he hears our earnest prayers.  If you trust in God to guide you he will lift you up and hide you in the comfort of the shadow of his wings.  Just release the thoughts that bind you, many treasures you will find if you trust in God to guide you all your days.  When you sing to God, be thankful, rejoice for all to see.  He has promised to be faithful and shape our destiny.  God will provide for all our needs and fill the hearts of all he leads.  If you trust in God, if you trust in God to guide you. [Based on a hymn by Georg Neumark]



ANTHEM:  In Thee is Gladness arr. by Daniel  Kallman

In thee is gladness, gone is all sadness, Jesus, sunshine of my heart.  By thee are given the joys of heaven, thou the only Savior art.  To serve thee ever, forsake thee never, we bow before thee, love and adore thee.  Alleluia, alleluia!  In him is gladness, gone is all sadness, he who once was dead is raised.  Jesus is giving life to the living now and ever let him be praised!  Wherefore the story tell of his glory with heart and voices all heaven rejoices.  Alleluia, alleluia!  Now is the story of Easter Glory sung with glad voices, the world rejoices.  Alleluia, alleluia, Alleluia! [St. 1 Johann Lindemann, tr. Catherine Winkworth and Ronald Nelson; St. 2 Christine Kallman]

SERMON:  “Wild Hope, Wild Journey”

HYMN:  Go to the World [Sine Nomine]


HYMN:  Let Us Build a House (All Are Welcome) [Two Oaks]


RESPONSE:  God the Spirit, Guide and Guardian (Church United) Alfred V. Fedak

God the Spirit, guide and guardian, wind-sped flame and hovering dove, breath of life and voice of prophets, sign of blessing, power of love: give to those who lead you people fresh anointing of your grace; send them forth as bold apostles to your church in every place. [Carl Daw]

POSTLUDE:  In Thee is Gladness (BWV 615) by J. S. Bach

Presbyterian Disaster Relief (PDR):  God’s people are called on to stand in the “GAP” — Give. Act. Pray.  The PDR’s response to the situation in Ukraine will include both financial and technical assistance as the network of faith communities providing humanitarian assistance grows in the months ahead.  Gifts can be made online, by calling (800) 872-3283, by texting PDAUKR to 41444, or by check made payable to Presbyterian Church U.S.A. with “DR000156-Ukraine” on the memo line & mailed to Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), P.O. Box 643700, Pittsburgh, PA, 15264-3700.

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