PRELUDE:  More Love to Thee, O Lord by Frederick Swann



SOLO: Our Savior’s Love by Douglas E. Bush, Daphne Riddle, soprano

Our Savior’s love shines like the sun with perfect light, as from above it breaks through clouds of strife.  Lighting our way, it leads us back into his sight, where we may stay to share eternal life.  The Spirit, voice of goodness, whispers to our hearts a better choice, a better choice than evil’s anguished cries.  Loud may the sound of hope ring till all doubt departs and we are bound to him, bound to Him in love, bound by loving ties.  Our Father, God of all creation, hear us pray in reverence, awed by thy Son’s sacrifice.  Praises we sing.  We love thy law; we will obey.  Our heavenly King, in thee our hearts rejoice.  [Edward Hart]


HYMN: Standing on the Promises [Promises]



ANTHEM:  If Ye Love Me by Thomas Tallis

If ye love me, keep my commandments, and I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another comforter, that He may bide with you forever:  Even the Spirit of truth.  [John 14:15-16]

SERMON: “The Works of Faith”

HYMN: Jesus Calls Us [Galilee]



RESPONSE:  Let Your Faith Be Stronger Than Your Fear by Tom Trenney, Mark Waters, tenor solo

In the deserts of your life, I’ll not desert you.  I will make a way beside a flowing stream.  Through the valley, do not fear, for I am with you; my rod and staff to comfort and redeem.  In the darkness of your life, I will not leave you.  In the shadow, I’m your light, your lamp, your sun.  I will be the star that shines above to guide you, a light unto your path to lead you on.  Do not be afraid, I go before you.  Do not be afraid, I am by your side.  Be still and know that I am with you.  Let your faith be stronger than your fear.  When you’re weary, when you’re faint, I will be with you.  I will raise you up to soar on eagle’s wings, I will be the joy that seeks you through your sorrow.  Unending hope my resurrection brings.  When the storms of life assail, I will uphold you.  I will strengthen you; I’ll be the help you need.  Though the waters rage and foam, fear not, I’m with you.  I am the way, the truth, the life, indeed!

With deepest love, flowers were given today by Drury Wisdom in celebration of her sister’s birthday, Bonnie Blackburn, and in remembrance her parent’s anniversary, Drury & Franklin Wisdom.

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