PRELUDE:  Toccata on “Ellacombe” by Barbara Harbach




HYMN:  Hosanna, Loud Hosanna [Ellacombe]


INTROIT:  On That Day when He Rode Into Jerusalem by Mary Kay Beall/arr. by John Carter

On that day when he rode into Jerusalem, everyone came to see the promised King.  On that day when he rode into Jerusalem, for miles and miles around you could hear them sing.  They sang, “Hosanna! Hosanna in the highest!”  They sang “Hosanna!” to the promised King.  “Hosanna!  Hosanna in the highest!” Glad Hosannas made the heavens ring!  On that day when he rode into Jerusalem, everyone thought he would wear a crown.  No one guessed when he rode into Jerusalem how the tide would turn and bring him down.  So they sang, “Hosanna!”  On that day when he rode into Jerusalem, everyone thought he would rule the land.  No one knew when he rode into Jerusalem that soon there would be nail-prints in his hand.  So they sand “Hosanna!”



ANTHEM:  Ain’t No Rock Gonna’ Shout for Me by Lloyd Larson

Here comes the Lord riding on a donkey with people waving branches and calling him “King.”  Here comes the Lord riding through Jerusalem. If the people don’t shout, the rocks will cry out!  Rocks, keep silent!  Jesus comes to set me free.  Rocks, keep silent!  I’m gonna’ shout in victory!  Rocks, keep silent! Jesus reigns in majesty.  Ain’t no rock gonna’ shout for me.  Here comes the Lord as thousands throng to see him.  Children stand on tip-toe to see the king. Here comes the Lord; excitement in the air.  If the people don’t shout, the rocks will cry!  Oh, yes, the rocks will cry out!  Here comes the Lord; hosannas fill the air.  The people bow and worship the promised King!  Here comes the Lord, “Hosanna in the highest!”  If the people don’t shout, the rocks will cry out!  [J. Paul Williams – based on Luke 19:38-40]

SERMON:  “The Set Up”

HYMN:  All Glory, Laud and Honor [Valet Will Ich Dir Geben]


HYMN:  Ride on! Ride On in Majesty! [St. Drostane]


RESPONSE:  Ride On, King Jesus Spiritual/arr. by Robert DeCormier; solos: Mark Waters, tenor; Jennifer Walquist, soprano

Ride on, King Jesus, no man can a-hinder me, Ride on, King Jesus, ride on, no man can a-hinder me.  Well, well, for He is King of kings.  He is the Lord of lords, Oh, Jesus Christ, the first and last.  No man works like Him, for he is King, He is the Lord.  King Jesus rides a milk-white horse.  No man works like Him, Oh, Lord, the river of Jordan He did cross.  No man works like Him.  King Jesus rides in the middle of the air, no man works like Him.  Oh Lord, He calls the saints from everywhere, no man works like him.  Oh, won’t you ride on, King Jesus. [Traditional Spiritual]

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