PRELUDE:  I Want Jesus to Walk with Me Spiritual/arr. by Calvin Taylor



HYMN:   As Morning Dawns (Psalm 5) [Wareham]


INTROIT:  Walk with Us, Holy God based on “Ewing” and “Aurelia/arr. by J. Williams & K. Grooms

Throughout these many decades your people raised their prayers; they laid their hopes before you, their praises and their cares; and you, O gracious Father, whose mercies never cease, O, bless them with your favor, your pardon and your peace.  Your hand has gently led us where living waters flow; your changeless Word has fed us that in you we might grow; and when in selfish service our hearts have gone astray.  Your Shepherd’s staff returned us to follow in your way.  With grateful hearts and voices this hymn to you we raise; and humbly we surrender ourselves in thanks and praise.  The years now stretch before us, a path as yet untrod.  Direct us on our journey; walk with us, holy God.  Here in this house of worship we gather in your name; great Father, Son, and Spirit, your glory to proclaim, ‘til like those gone before us, who worshipped in this place, we’ll join the heavenly chorus and see you face to face. Alleluia!  Amen. [Catherine Fischer]


SCRIPTURE LESSON:  Isaiah 55:1-11

ANTHEM:  Walking with God by Paul Basler

O! for a closer walk with God, a calm and a heavenly frame; a light to shine upon the road, that leads me to the Lamb!  Where is the blessedness I knew, when first I saw the Lord?  Where is the soul refreshing view, of Jesus and his word?  What peaceful hours I once enjoyed!  How sweet their memory still!  But they have left an aching void, the world can never fill.  Return, O Holy Dove, return, sweet messenger of rest; I hate the sins that made thee mourn, and drove thee from my breast.  The dearest idol I have known, whatever that idol be; help me to tear it from thy throne, and worship only thee.  So shall my walk be close with God, calm and serene my frame; so purer light shall mark the road, that leads me to the Lamb. [William Cowper]

SERMON:  “Seeking God, Part Two”

HYMN:  Spirit of God, Descend upon My Heart [Morecambe]


HYMN:  Lead Me, Guide Me [Lead Me, Guide Me]


RESPONSE:  I Come with Joy American Folk Tune/arr. by Austin C. Lovelace

Together met, together bound, we’ll go our different ways, and as His people in the world, we’ll live and speak His praise. [Brian Wren]

POSTLUDE: Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah (CWM Rhondda)    arr. Paul Manz

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