PRELUDE:  Tuba Tune in D by C.S. Lang



INTROIT:  With Every Breath by Mark Hayes

With every breath I take, I will sing your praise.  With every breath, Lord, I will praise your name.  Even the rocks will cry out if I fail to lift my voice to glorify and honor, to worship and adore.  All power and dominion are yours and yours alone.  With all that is within me, I will praise your name.  Let me never forget your kindness and compassion.  Let me never forget your mercy and your grace.  Your love is like the ocean, so deep and vast and wide.  You’re my rock, my strong tower.  In you I will abide.  Hallelujah, sing God’s praise.  In the morning, in the evening, sing praise to God all day, everyone, praise God’s name.


HYMN:  Great God of Every Blessing [Aurelia]


SCRIPTURE LESSON:  Romans 6:11-14

ANTHEM:  Be Strong and of Great Courage by Frederick Swann

Be strong and of great courage.  Fear not nor be afraid!  For the Lord your God will be with you.  He will not fail you nor forsake you.  The eternal God is our refuge and underneath are the everlasting arms.  Trust in the Lord with all your might, and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path.  What have I to dread, what have I to fear, leaning on the everlasting arms?  I have blessed peace with my Lord so near, leaning on the everlasting arms.  Leaning, safe and secure from all alarms.  [scripture and Elisha Hoffman]

SERMON: “Triumphant Surrender”

HYMN:  Lord, I Want to Be a Christian [I Want To Be A Christian]



RESPONSE:  Change the World with Love by Joseph M. Martin

Go in peace, go in hope.  Change the world with love.  Treasure each moment, cherish each sunrise.  Walk in joy and light.  Always be thankful for wonders and miracles.  Come and celebrate life!  Amen.  [Joseph Martin and Brad Nix]

Celebrating High School Graduates:
Brian Smith, Christian Fitzgerald, Diane Flores, Edgar Magallanes, Jr., Noel Smith, Vance Lindsey
Celebrating Junior College & College Graduates:
Ah’jea’le (Parker) Brown, Irini Antoniades, La’Joyce King, Nicole Smith

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