PRELUDE:  Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee (St. Agnes) by John Dykes/arr. by Eleanor Whitsett



HYMN:  I Greet Thee, Who My Sure Redeemer Art [Toulon]


SOLO:  Build My World Around You by Matt Huesmann and Grant Cunningham; Miles Mineer, bass

Build my world around home; build my world where there’s mercy and grace.  Build my world around love; build my world around all that is true.  Build my world ‘round you.  Empires have fallen, castles of sand, kingdoms then but ruins today.  The house of the wise man is certain to stand; built upon the Rock, it will stay.  You alone are the foundation for the rest of my life.  Lord, I want to build my world around you.  You’re right at the center of all of my life; you’re not just a part, you’re the whole.  And nothing else matters if we’re not right.  You truly are my heart and my soul.  You alone are my salvation; you’re the best of my life.  Lord, you know my world revolves around you.  And I believe you’ll prepare for me a resting place when we’re through.  And I believe you will carry me for the rest of forever, until we’re together.  I will build my world around you.


SCRIPTURE LESSON:  Romans 8:5-9a, 11

HYMN:  Standing on the Promises [Promises]

SERMON:  “Ultimate Focus”

ANTHEM:  Let Us with a Gladsome Mind by Alan Ridout

Let us with a gladsome mind, praise the Lord for he is kind: for his mercies shall endure, ever faithful, ever sure.  Let us blaze his name abroad, for of gods he is the God.  He, with all commanding might, filled the new-made world with light.  He the golden tressed sun caused all day his course to run; the horned moon, to shine by night, mid her spangled sisters bright.  All things living he doth feed; his full hand supplies their need.  For his mercies shall endure, ever faithful, ever sure.  Amen. [Psalm 136, metrical version by John Milton]


HYMN:  My Life Flows On, How Can I Keep from Singing? [How Can I Keep from Singing]


BENEDICTION RESPONSE:  With Singing and Praying  by John Horman

Now let us go and make our way with singing and praying before our God.

POSTLUDE:  Grand Triumphal Chorus (from “L’Organiste Pratique”) by Alexandre Guilmant

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