PRELUDE:  This Is My Father’s World  by Terra Beata/arr. by Diane Bish



HYMN:  All with Joyful Expectation (Psalm 80) [Yisrael V’Oraita]


SOLO:  A Song of Joy by Allen Pote; Maria Schafer, soprano

How good it is to sing God’s praises, for God is gracious and worthy to be praised.  How good it is to sing God’s praises, to sing with joy and thanksgiving to God.  Who sends the rain for the earth, and makes the grass and the flowers grow.  Who sends the gentle breezes, and makes the water flow.  For God will heal the brokenhearted and will bind up their wounds.  The Lord lifts up the heavy laden, and will give them strength. [based on Psalm 147]


SCRIPTURE LESSON:  Psalm 33:12-22

HYMN:  What a Fellowship, What a Joy Divine [Showalter]

SERMON:  “God’s Design to Make Us Happy, Part Two”

ANTHEM:  All the Earth, Rejoice with a Gladsome Voice by Antonio Vivaldi/arr. by H. Hopson

All the earth, rejoice with a gladsome voice; now sing we alleluia.  Praise the Lord.  Rejoice, and sing.  Sing alleluia, sing, O praise the Lord.  Sound the trumpet; sound the harp.  Praise the Lord. [Hal H. Hopson]


HYMN:  Lift Every Voice and Sing [Lift Every Voice]


BENEDICTION RESPONSE:  With Singing and Praying by John Horman

Now let us go and make our way with singing and praying before our God.

POSTLUDE:  Joyful Recessional by Phil Lehenbauer

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