PRELUDE:  Voluntary on “Hymn to Joy” by L. Von Beethoven & John Stanley/arr. by Michael Burkhardt



HYMN:  Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee [Hymn to Joy]


INTROIT:  Rise Now, My Heart, with Gladness by Johann Crüger, adapt. by J.S. Bach/arr. by K. Lee Scott; Desiree Flores, alto

Rise now, my heart, with gladness; see what the Lord has done!  Gone is all gloom and sadness, now shines the glorious sun!  Like Christ, we too shall lie lifeless till he draw nigh and bids us then to rise to dwell above the skies.  He in the grave descended, the foe held jubilee; death’s darkest powers are ended and Christ again is free.  Now victory he cries as glory fills the skies.  Our grateful songs ascend with joy that has no end.  We to heaven’s shining splendor shall rise to realms of light.  There we all praise shall render to Christ in glory bright.  My Savior is my shield; by him all rage is stilled; all who in him shall die are raised to dwell on high. [Paul Gerhardt, tr. John Kelly]


SCRIPTURE LESSON:  Psalm 33:1-12

HYMN:  Heaven Is Singing for Joy [Algria]

SERMON:  “God’s Design to Make Us Happy, Part One”

ANTHEM: Praise Hymn by Robert Leaf

Angels on high, now praise the Creator, heavenly hosts, bring praise to God.  Radiant sunshine, beautiful starlight, all in the sky, bring praise to God.  All in the heavens, all on the earth, all honor his name.  All of creation now and forever, honor his name.  All praise his name!  Rivers and oceans, mountains and valleys, all on the earth, bring praise to God.  Women and children, men of all nations, all he has made, bring praise to God.  Praise the Lord of all!  By his command all things were created.  Heaven and earth, bring praise to God!  All in the heavens, bring praise!  All on the earth, bring praise!  All he has made, bring praise to God! [Charles York, based on Psalm 148]


HYMN:  We Will Go Out with Joy [We Will Go Out With Joy]


BENEDICTION RESPONSE:  With Singing and Praying by John Horman

Now let us go and make our way with singing and praying before our God.

POSTLUDE:  Scherzoso (from “Sonata VIII”) by Josef Rheinberger

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