PRELUDE:  Folk Tune Sketch (Children of the Heavenly Father) by Dale Wood



INTROIT:  Till and Tend My Heart by Jane Marshall

My patient Father, sower of eternal life, till and tend my heart.  In every temptation and in every opposition open me more deeply so the seed of your Word will penetrate deeper to the core of my being.  I surrender all, all of myself to you – heart, mind, and muscle.  Show me today what that means as I move among a people whom you also love.  My patient Father, till and tend my heart.  [Julian of Norwich]


HYMN:  Come, Thou Almighty King [Italian Hymn]


SCRIPTURE LESSON:  Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

ANTHEM:  Send Down the Fire arr. by Mark Hayes

Send down the fire of your justice, send down the rains of your love; come, send down the Spirit, breathe life in your people, and we shall be people of God.  Call us to be your compassion, teach us the song of your love; give us hearts that sing, give us deeds that ring, make us ring with the song of your love.  Call us to learn of your mercy, teach us the way of your peace; give us hearts that feel, give us hands that heal, make us walk in the way of your peace.  Call us to answer oppression, teach us the fire of your truth; give us righteous souls, ‘til your justice rolls, make us burn with the fire of your truth.  Call us to witness your kingdom, give us the presence of Christ; may your holy light keep us shining bright, ever shine with the presence of Christ.  [Marty Haugen]

SERMON:  “Neither Disillusioned Nor Presumptuous”

HYMN:  Come, Ye Thankful People, Come [St. George’s Windsor]



RESPONSE:  A Prayer at Times of Change by Jane Marshall

May God bless you and all you do; may God bless those you leave and those to whom you go; and may your heart rejoice that love, which knows no limits of time or place, surrounds you always.

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