PRELUDE:  Duo, Interlude and Trio on “Bunessan” (Baptized in Water) by Joyce Jones



HYMN:  All with Joyful Expectation [Yisrtael V’Oraita]


INTROIT:  What King Would Wade through Murky Streams by Carol Doran; Mark Waters, tenor

What king would wade through murky streams and bow beneath the wave, ignoring how the world esteems the powerful and brave?  Water, River, Spirit, Grace, sweep over me, sweep over me!  Re-carve the depths your fingers traced in sculpting me.  Christ gleams with water brown with clay from land the prophets trod.  Above him while the clouds give way descends the dove of God.  Come bow with Christ beneath the wave.  He stands here at your side and raises you as from the grave God raised him crucified. [Thomas H. Troeger]


SCRIPTURE LESSON:  Luke 3:15-17, 21-22

ANTHEM:  The Baptizing Day (American Folk Hymn “Down to the River”) arr. by Wm. Pasch

Jesus went down to the Jordan one day, his Father’s calling to obey.  Then John baptized him; and the Lord God said: “This is the way!  This is my own dear Son.  Follow him.  His work’s begun.  Sin’s drowned.  The victory’s won!  River, wash guilt away!”  This water flows as the promise of Grace for all God’s children in this place.  It’s not our doing; Christ has done it all.  Give God the praise!  Now let this flood of love wash us clean, all fear remove.  From earth to heaven above loud thanksgiving we raise!  When I go down to the river to pray thinking on my baptizing day, the Holy Spirit tells me I’m newborn!  Old Sin, away!  My Savior died for me Resurrection sets us free!  Grace reigns eternally through this baptizing day!  [Based on Martin Luther’s “Christ, Our Lord to Jordan Came”]

SERMON:  “Living Beyond our Humanity”

HYMN:  Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy [Cuellar]


HYMN: Come, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove [St. Agnes]


BENEDICTION RESPONSE:  The Baptism of Christ by Andrew March

Heavenly Father, at the Jordan you revealed Jesus as your Son: may we recognize him as our Lord and know ourselves to be your beloved children; through Jesus Christ our Savior. [from Common Worship Additional Collects for Ordinary Time]  

POSTLUDE:  Postludio Festivo by Sigfrid Karg-Elert

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