PRELUDE:  Church in the Wildwood  arr. by Joyce Jones



HYMN:  Here in This Place [Gather Us In]


INTROIT:  Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation by Henry Purcell/arr. by Rachel Aarons

Christ is made the sure foundation, Christ the head and cornerstone, chosen of the Lord, and precious, binding all the Church in one; holy Sion’s help forever, and her confidence alone.  All that dedicated city, dearly loved of God on high, in exultant jubilation pours perpetual melody; God the One in Three adoring in glad hymns eternally.  To this temple, where we call thee, come, O Lord of Hosts, today; with thy wonted loving-kindness hear thy servants as they pray, and thy fullest benediction shed within its walls always.  Here vouchsafe to all thy servants what they ask of thee to gain; what they gain from thee, forever with the blessed to retain, and hereafter in thy glory evermore with thee to reign.


SCRIPTURE LESSON: 1 Peter 2:4-5, 9-10

ANTHEM:  We’re Gonna Have Church by Pepper Choplin; Maria Schafer, soprano solo

I was glad when they said unto me, “Let us go into the house of the Lord.”  When the world has been so hard on me, it’s so good to be together worshipping the Lord.  We’re gonna have church.  We’re gonna fill this house with praise.  We’re gonna have church.  We’re gonna celebrate God’s grace.  Here’s the church and here’s the steeple.  Open the doors, let all the people come and hear the Word.  We’re gonna have church.  I was glad when they said, “Let’s go into the house of the Lord.”  The Lord has been so good to me I long to be with family.  Feel the power of worship in this hour.  What a fellowship what a joy divine to come before the Lord.  We’re singing now, “Glory to His name.”  Here’s the church and here’s the steeple.  Open the doors, let all the people come and hear the Word.  Live what you have heard. Rise up and proclaim: “Glory to His name! Celebrate the Word! Lord, we’re gonna have church!

SERMON:  “Of What Value is Church?  Part Two”

HYMN:  We Are One in Christ Jesus [Somos Uno]


HYMN:  I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord [St. Thomas]


BENEDICTION RESPONSE:  Here, O Lord, Your Servants Gather [Tokyo]  by Isao Koizumi

Here, O Lord, your servants gather, hand we link with hand; looking toward our Savior’s cross, joined in love we stand.  As we seek the realm of God, we unite to pray:  Jesus, Savior, guide our steps, for you are the Way. [Tokuo Yamaguchi, trans. Everett Stowe; from Glory to God the Presbyterian Hymnal, #311]

POSTLUDE:  Sortie by Louis James Lefebure-Wely

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