PRELUDE:  Temple of Peace (Light Dawns on a Weary World) by Michael Burkhardt



HYMN: Come, Great God of All the Ages [Abbot’s Leigh]


INTROIT: Christ Is our Cornerstone by Philip W.J. Stopford

Christ is our cornerstone, on him alone we build; with his true saints alone the courts of heaven are filled: on his great love our hopes we place of present grace and joys above. O then with hymns of praise these hallowed courts shall ring; our voices we will raise the Three in one to sing; and thus proclaim in joyful song, both loud and long, that glorious name. Here, gracious God, do thou forevermore draw nigh; accept each faithful vow, and mark each suppliant sigh; in copious shower on all who pray each holy day thy blessings pour. Here may we gain from heaven the grace which we implore; and may that grace, once given, be with us evermore, until that day when all the blest to endless rest are called away. Christ is our cornerstone, on him alone we build! [Latin 8th century; trans. John Chandler]


SCRIPTURE LESSON:  Ephesians 2:19-22

ANTHEM:  Let the Body of Christ Assemble by Anonymous

Let the Body of Christ assemble, called and commissioned by the Savior’s voice; let the Body of Christ assemble, placed in position at His sovereign choice. Tongues that can teach, arms that can reach, hands that can hold, hearts that are bold; ears that can hear, eyes that can tear; legs that can lift, feet that are swift. Let us worship and rejoice; let increasing praise rise above earth’s noise. Let us worship and rejoice; let all sinners redeemed rise up in song. Let the Body of Christ, His Church, rise up in song, rise up in song, rise up in song! In song! [based on Hebrews 10:25]

SERMON:  “Of What Value is Church? Part One”

HYMN:  Let Us Build a House [Two Oaks]


HYMN:  O God in Whom All Life Begins [Noel]


BENEDICTION RESPONSE:  Friend, There is a Welcome by Roderick P.Thompson

Friend, there is a welcome in this church for thee; come in and rest, and think, and kneel and pray; what men have builded for God’s glory see. Give thanks, and so in peace go on thy way. [Ancient portal stone in Shrewsbury Abbey]

POSTLUDE: Carillon by Leon Boëllmann

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