PRELUDE:  Dunlap’s Creek (“We Walk by Faith”) by Samuel McFarland/arr. by James Biery




HYMN:  Our Help Is in the Name of God (Psalm 124) [Old 124th]


INTROIT:  All My Hope on God is Founded (“Michael”) by Herbert Howells/arr. by Michael Burkhardt

All my hope on God is founded who will all my trust renew, who through change and chance will guide me, only good and only true.  God unknown, from thy throne call my heart to be thine own.  Mortal pride and earthly glory, sword and crown betray our trust; what with care and toil we fashion, tower and temple fall to dust.  But thy power, hour by hour, is my temple and my tower.  Great thy goodness ever enduring; deep thy wisdom, passing thought; splendor, light, life attend thee, beauty springing out of naught.  Evermore from God’s store newborn worlds rise and adore.  Still from earth to God eternal sacrifice of praise be done, high above all praises praising for the gift of God’s own Son.  Christ shall call one and all: all you that follow shall not fall. [Joachim Neander]


SCRIPTURE LESSON:  Psalm 124 & Psalm 127:1-2

HYMN:  Unless the Lord the House Shall Build (Psalm 127) [Bourbon]

SERMON:  “Rightly Placed Trust”

ANTHEM:  Give Me a Faith by Robert Bitgood; Soloists: Maria Schafer, soprano; Desiree Flores, alto

Give me a faith, O Lord, I pray, a faith that makes me strong each day, that helps me face the storms of life, that takes away the sting of strife.  Give me a joy that faith will bring, a joy that helps my heart to sing, whatever the tasks and perils be, and trials sore that trouble me.  Give me the peace that faith will give, a peace that shows me how to live above the loud and mighty roar of winds and waves upon life’s shore.  Give me the peace.  Give me the hope that faith bestows, a hope that triumphs through all woes, to see the dawning of the hour when all shall recognize thy power.  Give me a faith that ever grows in spite of clouds and cruel foes; a faith that holds me close to thee, and from all ills will set me free.  Give me a faith! [Rev. Charles Lee Reynolds]


HYMN:  Precious Lord, Take My Hand [Precious Lord]


CHORAL RESPONSE:  Hold Us Ever in Your Keeping by Gary Matheny

Hold us ever in your keeping, comfort us in pain and strife.  Constant hope and faith renewing, lead us to a nobler life.  Grant, O Lord your richest blessing: send your servants forth in peace.

POSTLUDE:  Fanfare by Jacques Lemmons

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