PRELUDE:  Jesus Christ is Risen Today arr. by Sue Mitchell-Wallace; Andrew Rodman, trumpet




INTROIT:  Arise, King Jesus by David Lantz III; Daphne Riddle, soprano solo

Arise, King Jesus!  Come out of that cave.  Your Father is a-call-in’ You up from the grave.  From death and sin you’ve been set free.  Arise, King Jesus in victory!  John and Peter racing to the tomb that day, but when they reached the place the stone was rolled away.  They saw the strips of linen lying on the ground, but the One who wore them still could not be found!  Glory, what a morning when the sun rose high, King Jesus, bright as lightning, filling up the sky!  And all creation shouted with a mighty voice, “The Son of God is risen, let the earth rejoice!” [John Parker]


HYMN:  Christ the Lord Is Risen Today [Llanfair]



ANTHEM:  He Is Not Here!! by Russell Nagy; Andrew Rodman, trumpet

‘Twas at the break of day when women came with spices to anoint our Lord, and walking to the tomb, said, “Who will move the mighty stone that bars the door?”  Then, behold, they found no stone; but a man was standing there instead, dazzling bright in raiment white, saying “Jesus is not dead!  He is not here!  He is risen!  See, the tomb is empty where He lay.  He is not here!  He is risen!”  Jesus rose on Easter Day.” When John and Peter heard the strange account, they doubted that it could be true; but running there to find the empty tomb, they suddenly believed it too.  In the place where Jesus lay sat the burial clothing of the dead, laid aside, like death denied, for He was no longer dead!  The tomb is empty, he is risen!  Jesus Christ is risen, Alleluia!  For Jesus Christ is risen from the dead!  And so we do proclaim on Easter Day that Jesus is not in the grave; but risen from the dead, just as He said, in majesty and power to reign. [Joel Nagy]

SERMON:  “Fear and Hope”

HYMN:  Christ Is Alive! [Truro]


HYMN:  Christ is Risen!  Shout Hosanna! [Hymn to Joy]


RESPONSE:  Easter Rejoicing by James Biery; Andrew Rodman, trumpet

Rejoice, you hosts of heavenly saints, O sing, exultant choirs of angels, sound the trumpet of salvation, our Christ from death has arisen!  Be joyful, O ye people, for with the whole Church humankind joins all creation newly resplendent in Christ’s illumination: acclaim him Source and Fulfillment O Risen One!  Be enlightened, Jerusalem, God’s glory has risen upon you.  O divine, beloved, sweetest voice, hope confirmed through resurrection.  May the light of Christ, rising in glory, dispel the darkness of our hearts and minds.  Paschal Christ, Wisdom, Word and Light from Light, Bread of life, may we dwell with you always Alleluia!  [Text from various sources]

Thank you to Mary Lou Fourtane, Evelyn Haesloop, Shelley Hellen, Adele & Rob Langworthy, Jen Schwing, and Virginia Stearns for the special flowers in celebration of Easter.

Thank you also to the 64 hands who helped make the flowered cross!

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