PRELUDE:  Toccatina on “God Rest You Merry” by Douglas E. Wagner



HYMN:  The First Nowell  [The First Nowell]


INTROIT:  There Shall a Star from Jacob by Felix Mendelssohn

There shall a star from Jacob come forth, and a scepter from Israel rise up.  And dash in pieces princes and nations.  As bright the star of morning gleams, so Jesus sheddeth glorious beams of light and consolation!  Thy Word, O Lord, Radiance darting, truth imparting, gives salvation; Thine be praise and adoration! [Numbers 24:17; Psalm 2:9]



HYMN:  Mary and Joseph Came to the Temple [Evening Hymn]

SERMON:  “The Presentation”

ANTHEM:   I Have Seen Him by Emma Lou Diemer

Death I would not see until I saw our Lord’s Messiah.  Such a vision blesses these old eyes!  Mary and Joseph have brought to the temple this beautiful child.  I have seen him with my own eyes!  Our Messiah!  I have seen him!  He glorifies my soul in a sunrise of joy!  Joy I could not feel until I saw our Lord’s Messiah.  Long years a widow, I served in the temple, fasting and praying for one to save my people.  Life I could not live until I saw our Lord’s Messiah.  Such a vision blesses my young eyes.  The Word made flesh this radiant child illuminates my life. [Dorothy Diemer Hendry, based on Luke 2:22, 25-28, 36-38]


HYMN:  We Three Kings of Orient Are [Kings of Orient]


BENEDICTION RESPONSE:  Simeon’s Song by Bradley Ellingboe

Lord, now you let your servant go in peace; your word has been fulfilled.  For my eyes have seen, my own eyes have seen the salvation of your people: to be a light to lighten the nations and to be the glory of your people Israel, your word has been fulfilled.  My own eyes have seen your salvation.  Glory be to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost.  As it was, is now and will be forever.  Amen! [Luke 2:29-32]


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