PRELUDE:  Prelude on “Greensleeves” by Richard Purvis



HYMN:  Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming [Es Ist Ein’ Ros’]


INTROIT:  The Huron Carol by Jesous Ahatonhia/arr. by Dan Forrest; Joe Sanders, bass solo

Jesous Ahatonhia, Gloria, ‘Twas in the moon of wintertime, when all the birds had fled, that mighty GitchiManitou sent angel choirs instead; before their light the stars grew dim and wandering hunters heard the hymn: “Jesus your King is born, Jesus is born, in excelsis Gloria.”  Within a lodge of broken bark the tender babe was found, a ragged robe of rabbit skin enwrapped His beauty round; but as the hunter braves drew nigh, the angel song rang loud and nigh.  The earliest moon of wintertime is not so round and fair as was the ring of glory on the helpless infant there.  The chiefs from far before Him knelt, with gifts of fur and beaver pelt.  O children of the forest free, O sons of Manitou, the Holy Child of earth and heaven is born today for you.  Come kneel before the radiant boy who brings you beauty, peace and joy.  Jesous Ahatonhia, Gloria! [Jean de Brébeuf, trans. Jessie Edgar Middleton]


SCRIPTURE LESSON:  John 1:1-4, 10-14

HYMN:  Of the Father’s Love Begotten [Divinum Mysterium]

SERMON:  “What Just Happened?”

ANTHEM:  And the Word Was Made Flesh by Stan Pethel

For years we walked in darkness, searching for the way; blinded by our fear and doubt, waiting for the day.  When God in all His mercy, opened up our eyes; showing us the grace and truth found in Jesus Christ.  Praises and honor we sing to the Lord, for all the earth is blest; this holy Child we love and adore, for Christ was born and the Word was made flesh.  Although he made the planets, and He hung the stars in space; still, He left His splendor to save the human race.  Born a baby in a stall two thousand years ago, from His gentle loving hands we can see redemption flow.  To walk among us, to share all our joys, and to know our earthly plight; to live among us and show us the way, and to point us to the true eternal light.  The Word was made flesh when Christ was born. [John Parker]


HYMN:  Once in Royal David’s City [Irby]


BENEDICTION RESPONSE:  The Angels’ Song is True by Mary Kay Beall

The angels’ song is true, the holy Child is born for you.  He brings you beauty, peace and joy, this tiny Child, this newborn baby boy. [Luke 2:10-14]

POSTLUDE:  Postlude on “Adeste Fideles” by Eric Thiman

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