PRELUDE:  Solemn Melody by H. Walford Davies/arr. P. L. Bates



INTROIT:  Give Me a Faith by Roberta Bitgood; Daphne Riddle, soprano solo; Marcus Carline, bass solo

Give me a faith, O Lord, I pray, a faith that makes me strong each day, that helps me face the storms of life, that takes away the sting of strife.  Give me a joy that faith will bring, a joy that helps my heart to sing, what-e’er the tasks and perils be, and trials sore that trouble me.  Give me the peace that faith will give, a peace that shows me how to live above the loud and mighty roar of winds and waves upon life’s shore.  Give me the peace.  Give me the hope that faith bestows, a hope that triumphs through all woes, to see the dawning of the hour when all shall recognize thy power.  Give me a faith that ever grows in spite of clouds and cruel foes; a faith that holds me close to thee, and from all ills will set me free.  Give me a faith.  [The Rev. Charles Lee Reynolds]


HYMN: Eternal Father, Strong to Save [Melita]


SCRIPTURE LESSON: Matthew 14:22-33

ANTHEM:  Walk on the Water, Peter arr. by Robert W. Thygerson

Walk on the water, Peter, walk on the water come to me, walk on the water, Peter, take my hand and walk with me.  Walk, walk, come walk with me.  Peter stepped down from the boat, walk on the water to my Lord.  Lost his faith and couldn’t float, walk on the water to my Lord.  Walk on the water, Peter, walk on the water come to me.  Don’t wade in the water, don’t wade in the water, Peter.  Take my hand and walk to me.  Walk on the water, Peter, talk my hand and walk with me.  Peter walk on the water!  [from “Traditional Spiritual” by David N. Davenport]

SERMON: “Finding Faith by Fixing our Focus”

HYMN: I Sought the Lord

(The composer of this hymn was George W. Chadwick in 1893.  He was an ancestor of Martha Chadwick, a beloved member of this congregation who lived to be 100 years and 42 days.)



RESPONSE: Had We But Hearkened to Thy Word (“Solemn Melody”) by H. Walford Davies

Had we but hearkened to Thy Word and followed in Thy way the clouds would never have gathered now, nor darkness shroud the day.  Yet through Thine everlasting love our Saviour standing near surely we would seek the light, had we more faith than fear.  We then should see Thee, King of Peace, behold a land that is free where youth would glow with happiness to live in unity.  Now may we put our trust in Thee, and muster to Thy call; for men shall find their strength in Thee to triumph over all.  [Edith Dorothy Pleydell-Bouverie]

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