PRELUDE:  Improvisation by George Oldroyd



HYMN:  For the Fruit of All Creation [Ar Hyd Y Nos]


INTROIT:  Lead Gently, Lord by Clif Carson

Lead gently, Lord, and slow, for oh, my steps are weak, and ever as I go, some soothing sentence speak; that I may turn my face through doubts and obscurity towards thine abiding place, e’en though I cannot see.  For lo, the way is dark; through mist and cloud I grope, save for that fitful spark, the little flame of hope.  Lead gently, Lord, and slow, for fear that I may fall, I know not where to go, unless I hear Thy call.  My fainting soul doth yearn, for Thy green hills afar; so let Thy mercy burn, my greater guiding star!


SCRIPTURE LESSON:  Luke 14:1, 7-14

ANTHEM:  When Invited to the Feast by Woodbine/arr. by William Pasch

When invited to the feast, claim no exaltation; be humble in your hope.  Take instead the lower place: your host may yet say, “Friend, come up!”  Do good works in Christ-like love.  Speak in kindly blessing; give thanks for what you have.  Make your love a light for all; dwell righteously in God’s good grace.  When you give your own rich feast, do not call those like you with means of recompense.   Call instead the sick, the poor, the outcasts who cannot repay. Charity is God’s command.  Gifts in great abundance call forth our love and care.  Strangers may be angels, too, who visit us when unaware.  To the final holy feast all will be invited, no fee but simple faith.  First and last shall be as one in resurrection evermore. [Based on Proverbs 25:6-7; Psalm 112; Hebrews 13:1-8, 15-16; Luke 14:1, 7-14]

SERMON:  “Becoming Rightside Up by Becoming Upside Down”

HYMN:  When the Lord Redeems the Very Least [I’ll Fly Away]


HYMN:  The Church of Christ in Every Age [Wareham]


CHORAL BENEDICTION RESPONSE:  The God of Peace by John Behnke

Lord Jesus Christ, our life and light, the Savior we adore, to You be glory, wisdom, might, both now and evermore! [Stephen P. Starke]

POSTLUDE:  Prelude and Fugue in F by Vincent Lübeck

The flowers are given today by Shelley Hellen in celebration of Tom Hellen’s birthday.

Presbyterian Disaster Relief (PDR):  God’s people are called on to stand in the “GAP” — Give. Act. Pray.  The PDR’s response to the situation in Ukraine will include both financial and technical assistance as the network of faith communities providing humanitarian assistance grows in the months ahead.  Gifts can be made online, by calling (800) 872-3283, by texting PDAUKR to 41444, or by check made payable to Presbyterian Church U.S.A. with “DR000156-Ukraine” on the memo line & mailed to Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), P.O. Box 643700, Pittsburgh, PA, 15264-3700.

Would you like to sponsor flowers for one week for worship?  You can place your order for any Sunday throughout 2022 by using this link that takes you to Covenant’s Flowers for Worship form —

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