PRELUDE:  Prelude on “Brother James’ Air by James L.M. Bain/arr. by Evelyn Larter; Julie Metz, violin



HYMN:  Rejoice, the Lord Is King! [Darwall’s 148th]


INTROIT:  God Loves Me Dearly (Gott ist die Liebe) German/arr. by Jacob B. Weber; Julie Metz, violin

God loves me dearly, grants me salvation, God loves me dearly, loves even me.  Therefore I’ll say again: God loves me dearly, God loves me dearly, loves even me.  I was in slavery, sin, death, and darkness; God’s love was working to make me free.  He sent forth Jesus, my dear Redeemer, he sent forth Jesus and set me free.  Jesus, my Savior, Himself did offer; Jesus, my Savior, paid all I owed.  Now I will praise You, O Love Eternal; now I will praise You all my life long. [August Rische]



ANTHEM:  I Will Bless the Lord at All Times by Thomas Keesecker; Julie Metz, violin

I will bless the Lord at all times.  The praise of God shall be on my lips.  I will glory in the Lord.  Let the humble hear and rejoice, I will bless the Lord at all times.  I sought the Lord; who answered me and delivered me from all my fears.  Look to God and be radiant, let your face shine like the sun.  I proclaim the greatness of God, let us exalt God’s name together!  Taste and see the Lord is good, happy they who trust in God! I proclaim the greatness of God. [Psalm 34]

SERMON:  “The Humble Hear and Are Glad”

HYMN:  Know that God Is Good [Mungu Ni Mwema]


HYMN:  You Shall Go Out with Joy [The Trees of the Field]


RESPONSE:  Light Dawns on a Weary World by William P. Rowan/arr. by David Cherwein; Julie Metz, violin

Hope blooms in a weary world when creatures, once forlorn, find wilderness reborn.  Hope blooms in a weary world: the promised green of Eden comes.  The trees shall clap their hands; the dry lands gush with springs; the hills and mountains shall break forth with singing!  We shall go out in joy, and be led forth in peace, as all the world in wonder echoes shalom. [Mary Louise Bringle]

POSTLUDE:  CODA by David M. Cherwein; Julie Metz, violin

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