PRELUDE:  ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus by Lloyd Larson



HYMN:  When the Lord Redeems the Very Least [I’ll Fly Away]


INTROIT:  Prayer  by David W. Guion/arr. by Kenneth Downing

Lord, in this hour of tumult, Lord, in these days of fears, keep open, oh, keep open my eyes, my heart, my ears.  Not blindly, not in hatred, Lord, let me do my part; keep open, oh, keep open, dear Lord, my eyes, my mind, my heart!  Hear Thou my pleading, hear Thou my prayer!  Lord, God, hear Thou my pleading, hear Thou my prayer!



ANTHEM:  Thy Will  by Bernie Herms, Emily Weisband and Hillary Scott; Maria Schaefer, soprano

I’m so confused; I know I heard You loud and clear.  So I followed through; somehow I ended up here.  I don’t want to think I may never understand that my broken heart is a part of Your plan.  When I try to pray, all I got is hurt and these four words:  Thy will be done.  I know you’re good, but this don’t feel good right now, and I know You think things I could never think about.  It’s hard to count it all joy, distracted by the noise, just trying to make sense of all Your promises, sometimes I got to stop, remember that You’re God and I am not.  So, Thy will be done.  Like a child on my knees, all that comes to me is:  Thy will be done.  Thy wil l… I know You see me, I know You hear me, Lord, Your plans are for me, goodness You have in store.  So, Thy will be done.

SERMON:  “Telling God How to Do His Business”

HYMN: Faith Begins by Letting Go [Lux Prima]


HYMN:  Lift Every Voice and Sing [Lift Every Voice]


BENEDICTION RESPONSE:  The Simple Plan by Jane Marshall

The fruit of silence is prayer.  The fruit of prayer is faith.  The fruit of faith is love.  The fruit of love is service.  The fruit of service is peace. [Teresa of Calcutta]

POSTLUDE:  Scherzoso (from Sonata 8)  by Josef Rheinberger

The flowers are given today by Ange-Marie Hancock in memory of her father, Charles Hancock and by Shelley Hellen in memory of Lt. Col. Joseph Hellen.

Presbyterian Disaster Relief (PDR):  God’s people are called on to stand in the “GAP” — Give. Act. Pray.  The PDR’s response to the situation in Ukraine will include both financial and technical assistance as the network of faith communities providing humanitarian assistance grows in the months ahead.  Gifts can be made online, by calling (800) 872-3283, by texting PDAUKR to 41444, or by check made payable to Presbyterian Church U.S.A. with “DR000156-Ukraine” on the memo line & mailed to Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), P.O. Box 643700, Pittsburgh, PA, 15264-3700.

Would you like to sponsor flowers for one week for worship?  You can place your order for any Sunday throughout 2022 by using this link that takes you to Covenant’s Flowers for Worship form —

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